Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bex 1.2 released

Bex 1.2 is out, get it while it's hot. Since I'm such a lazy blogger I'll just copy the release notes here.

This release adds a few new features and fixes a few bugs.Anyway the most important new thing is the bexlib concept which is supposed to become a place where new functionality can be added without bloating the default.bex environment too much. For starters there are some classpath manipulation routines, some common binary codecs (hex and base64) and additional FPish utilities for manipulating collections (map,reduce and filter). The only backward incompatibility is the removal of collection.join function which should be replaced with the reduce function from the functional libarary.

Now if I only could get myself into updating the documentation this would actually be useful... Well, maybe later.


Travis said...

It's been a little while since the last release. I'm looking for a good scripting engine that will allow very customizable sandboxing... just curious if you have any recent thoughts about Bex and where it's going or where it might just be staying put.

Pieter Greyling said...

Is Bex still officially alive? Just found it last week and it seems quite promising and syntactically pleasing/elegant.