Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bex 1.0 released

The first public release of bex script is out. Bex script is my attempt to make an "improved" BeanShell with a strong emphasis on functional programming. If nothing else, I hope that it at least serves as a wakeup call to BeanShell developers. That once so nice and powerful language is quickly becoming obsolete since its development has effectively stopped.

Welcome to blog expressions

Lately I've had serveral moments where I have thought: Hmm, if I had a blog I would write about this in there. Well now I have one, so let's see if those thoughts keep coming up. This blog will mostly be about my spare time programming projects and perhaps some rants / opinions on "hot topics" related to programming in general. So how did I come up with this name for my blog? The name comes from my current project: bex script where bex stands for block expressions.